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Tom Fiffer is on a journey of practicing a way of being and sharing lessons learned along the way. His journey of living life with aplomb includes practices of growing strength, patience, wisdom, and grace. Tom will provide new perspectives and leave you asking better questions (leading to better answers) on your own journey.”
— Dr. Mollie Marti, Author of “Walking with Justice"
Thank YOU for taking time to talk to me today! I feel so jazzed and full of peace and purpose now. And, amazingly I feel like you pegged my personhood in a very deep way, that as I look back at my life so many things now make sense. You have no idea the gift you’ve given me.
— C.E.
With patience, skill and a gentle hand, Tom guided me towards a decision I knew I had to make but couldn’t quite bring myself to execute on my own. His input was both practical and spiritual. He helped me see that the only one holding me back was me and that the only behavior I was responsible for was my own.
— Alison
Tom’s intense study of kindness and finding peace through exploring his own humanity makes his work and his ability to connect successful.
— Ina Chadwick, MouseMuse Productions
I have read your book a half a dozen times already, and am absolutely inspired. You articulate your experience with such clarity and poise, which is so impressive after overcoming all of the personal pain that you endured in your own bout with dysfunctional relationships. You are extremely effective in connecting with the reader on a deep level without ever sounding preachy. Your voice is authentic and inspirational. After escaping the fog of back to back dysfunctional relationships, I am learning how to identify my role in the dynamic, while finding empowerment in making healthier choices that protect me as I open myself up to healthier, deeper, loving, supportive and compassionate relationships. Thank you for all that you do.
— Sasha Joseph Neulinger, Director, Rewind to Fast-Forward
Tom speaks from his own keen observation and witness to relationships that fell short of his desires for healthy and whole loving interactions.. He escaped with his sanity intact and as a thriver, not just a survivor, since his using his experience to help others avoid the pitfalls and perils that he lost himself in, as well as to heal from damage done.
— Edie Weinstein, Author of The Bliss Mistress Guide to Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
Tom’s generosity of spirit and his talent to be succinct in what many are thinking but not expressing is a wonderful combination. <3
— Iris