Introducing Christmas Lake Creative

Every writer is different. But we all face the same challenges: seeking inspiration; finding time to write; maintaining a daily discipline; getting–and implementing–helpful, supportive feedback on our work; moving finished projects into the commercial world; and developing a community to sustain our careers. Taking classes at a writers’ workshop seems to offer a solution, but . . .

. . . most workshops fail to address our critical needs.

  • They are educational, not inspirational (classroom vs. community)

  • They offer a confusing array of beginning, intermediate and advanced classes (Which one should I take?)

  • They don’t provide a safe environment for personal exploration and experimentation with our work (negative feedback can be soul-crushing)

  • They are more interested in profiting from your attendance than promoting your progress (opportunities to read, publish, and pursue commercial connections are crucial to a writer’s success)

  • Their faculty is limited to local writers and teachers (exposure to top-line creatives is the rocket fuel writers need to achieve lift-off)

“The very best stories, the ones that captivate us under the author’s magic spell, are those that acknowledge truth through indulging imagination, transporting us to a fresh yet familiar place, a place we’ve traveled to in our own dreams—the world of what would be.”

— Thomas G. Fiffer

With Christmas Lake Creative, we set out to create a community that meets your real needs as a writer–a magical place where inspiration flows, your craft advances, your confidence builds, and you meet people who can help you achieve your creative dreams.

Our workshop space is part of a historic home in Westport, CT, formerly inhabited by a famous artist. With high, beamed ceilings, a beautiful stone fireplace, and French doors leading out to a three-season deck overlooking Christmas Lake, writers can move easily from a clean, well-lighted workspace to nature and back again. The space is conducive both to focused work and the fun of conversation and camaraderie with other creatives.

Our approach to education is simple. By engaging in the creative process, you will learn. Our focus is always on your strengths, with gentle guidance on areas of craft and work habits where you have room to grow and improve.

The workshops we offer are genre-based and open to all levels of accomplishment and skill, because we believe that beginners benefit from rubbing elbows with experts, and vice versa. All writers are encouraged to supplement workshops with individual coaching—to provide mentoring, help with motivation, and address specific needs. Your first hour of coaching is included with the first workshop you attend. (Coaching is also available to those who do not attend a workshop.)

As we grow, we will be offering open mic nights for our writers, an annual anthology where writers can publish their work, special events featuring A-list film, television, and publishing creatives, scholarships, and writing retreats. Stay tuned for more on these exciting developments.

Our goal as founders of Christmas Lake Creative is to see your creative dreams come true, and to share in the joy of your success, because we had some small part in helping you make it happen.

Join us by registering for a workshop today!

Semper deinceps! (Ever forward!)

Thomas G. Fiffer

Julia L. Bobkoff